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ACS logoAlumni Consulting Services Inc builds and manages corporate alumni networks. Forward thinking companies recognize that former employees are a valuable part of their talent pool. Since 1999, ACS has built and managed alumni network to provide positive returns for both the client company and former employees. Former employees, oftentimes retirees in this graying of the workforce era, are brand ambassadors, they can refer talent and in the ultimate compliment, they return themselves. Companies, particularly in the management consulting industries and in the oil and gas industry, have effectively used their alumni networks as a resource for recruiting former employees, finding that retirees are a valuable resource to fill short term project requirements. These people can return and hit the ground running, as the understand the company culture and policies, and often are working on projects with which they are familiar.

Former employee networks are a sound investment, and provide a return on investment. Further savings are made when an alumni network generates referrals of talent and business. If you are a company today without a corporate alumni network, consider the opportunities for enhancing your bottom line.

For the alumni themselves, a corporate alumni community differs from social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. It is a career management tool. Individuals are maintaining relationships with people with whom they worked, or with people who were in the same company. When asked why they join the alumni network, a majority of those joining are doing it to keep abreast of industry conditions, learn where opportunities are, and use it to enhance their own career options.

Using an alumni service provider like Alumni Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS) means that you don’t have to create your alumni community from the ground up. Companies use ACS to build their platform, manage membership, interview members and write and distribute eCommunications.

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