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At a Global Workforce Conference in 2013, a look at talent shortages as some areas of the world require workers who are finding more glamorous locations where they prefer to work.  

Shares Derek Massie, former SVP HR at deepwater drilling company, Seadrill:

"We're saying we need about 170 million people going forward with graduate level skills but we have shortfall of about 80 million. In the middle level supply is actually better than demand and from the bottom upwards it's about level. So it's those highly skilled jobs that are in demand". Read more in HR Magazine.

Ernst and Young looks at the changing landscape of the Global Workforce.  In the energy industry, the graying of the workforce has been a topic for over a decade.  Some companies have planned for it more than others.  Individuals have found growing opportuities to structure their careers more advantageously as they enjoy the benefits of their retirement packages while choosing to continue working either for another company, as a consultant or in flexible arrangements.

Read more about six global trends shaping the business world where talent shortages are an ongoing concern here.

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